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Bred Cow and Heifer Sale Saturday October 23 2021

12:00 pm

Bluestone Farms - Bred Cows

+/- 55 Red and Black Cows

Bred Simmental and Red Angus

Start Calving March 10th 

Wayne Skelton - Breds

4 Bred Cows and Heifers 

Bugle River - Bred Cows

40 Exotic Cross Cows 

  • Bred simmental
  • Bulls were put out April 15 and pulled on June 22
  • All cows are 2nd-5th calvers
  • Nice set of cows that are ready to go to work for you
Vern and Lorraine Fowler- 32 Bred Heifers

32 Bred Heifers weighing 1050-1250lb and bred to Purebred Black Angus bulls . Bulls turned out for April 1st calving.Bulls birth weights are 74 and 80 pounds. Guaranteed by breeder as easy calvers for heifers.
Heifers are Black Angus Simmental cross.
Pure blacks and blaze faces. These are very fancy and quiet heifers. They have been given IBR PI3 BVD BRSV SOMNUGEN BLACKLEG VACCINE and Ivomec

Wildman Livestock-Bred Cows

6 Red Angus Bred Cows. These cows are 2-4 calvers bred to red angus bulls. Bred for March/April calving. Vaccinated with express FP5, ultra choice 8, and get scour boss in January. 

Floyd Lauer- Bred Heifers

14 Bred Heifers. Red Simmental heifer bred to a low birthweight red angus bull. Heifers are all vaccinated with 8-way, Ivomec and Bovine Gold. Bull was turned out May 1.

Goerzen- Bred Cows

Art & Teresa Goerzen 2 bred cows.
Full herd health. Simmental cows bred to Porter Ranches Simmental bull. Bulls put out June 1 for 60 days. These quiet cows can by moved with a pail of grain, on foot, horseback or with quads.