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Market Report for: Mar 23, 2020
REGULAR CATTLE SALES EVERY MONDAY AT 9:00AM CHECK OUR FACEBOOK PAGE FOR UPCOMING SALES. QUOTING TOP QUALITY CATTLE   CHECK OUT OUR SALES LIVE ONLINE ON YOUR COMPUTER OR SMARTPHONE AT www.lmaauctions.com OR DOWNLOAD  LMA Ringside FROM YOUR APP STORE  MARKET REPORT MARCH 23, 2020   __779__ HEAD SOLD AT MARKET     * Thorsby Stockyards Inc. intends to continue hosting our regular Monday sales. Due to the recent Covid-19 outbreak and in order to comply with the Government of Alberta, Health Canada and Livestock Markets Association of Canada our sales are being limited to 50 people. We ask that anyone who is ill or recently travelled please remain at home. Only serious buyers and sellers may attend our sales at this time. Please minimize the time spent at the market and in the sales ring. If you are coming as a spectator or for a social visit, we request that you please stay home. We also strongly believe it is in everyone attending our sales best interest that the children and elderly remain at home. To view the sales please log on to www.lmaauctions.com if you need assistance getting set up call the office 780-789-3915 or Amanda 780-514-9327. Buyers have the option to purchase over the phone while watching the sale as well. Pre-registered buyers will be able to bid online once they receive approval. We have staff available to unload your livestock if need be in order to minimize any risk. All consignors please note on your manifest whether you would like your check mailed or set aside for pick up immediately after your livestock have sold. It is in the best health interests of our producers, buyers, and staff that these restrictions must be in place. We greatly appreciate each one of our customers and look forward to business as usual as soon as possible. As for the current cattle market situation please contact a Sales Rep to discuss your options. Our office will be closed on non-sale days to minimize any risks to our staff our producers. The yards will remain open to receive and load out cattle.   If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us: Main Office: 780-789-3915 Jeff Fritz 780-203-4953 Chance Martin: 403-358-0456 Amanda Thomson 780-514-9327 Please visit our website for any changes and sale info: www.thorsbystockyards.ca       
300-400 Lbs $200.00 - $250.00
400-500 Lbs $210.00 - $246.00
500-600 Lbs $190.00 - $235.00
600-700 Lbs $175.00 - $219.00
700-800 Lbs $155.00 - $194.00
800-900 Lbs $145.00 - $172.25
900-1000 Lbs $140.00 - $162.00
D1-D2 cows
$84.00 - $100.00
D4 cows
$72.00 - $84.00
1000-1200 Lbs $115.00 - $135.25
300-400 Lbs $190.00 - $210.00
400-500 Lbs $180.00 - $207.00
500-600 Lbs $165.00 - $204.00
600-700 Lbs $160.00 - $191.00
700-800 Lbs $151.00 - $174.00
800-900 Lbs $145.00 - $155.25
900-1000 Lbs $125.50 - $145.00
Bred Cows
$1500.00 - $1900.00
Slaughter Cows
FEEDER COWS $85.00 - $105.00
Slaughter Bulls
$90.00 - $132.50
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