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Bred Cow & Heifer Sale- December 2

12:00 pm

Andrea Donahue- Bred cows
  • +/- 30 red simmental cross 
  • Cows age range 4-10 year old
  • Bulls went out on May 30 and were pulled August 9th. 
  • They were all bred with Simmental and/or Angus bulls.
  • Vaccinated with Express 5 and Covexin Plus on November 5th 2023
Estate of David Lovich-Bred Cows
  • +/- 50 black angus cross
  • Cows age range 4-10 year old
  • Bulls went out on May 30 and were pulled August 9th.
  • They were all bred with Simmental and Angus bulls.
  • Vaccinated with Express 5 and Covexin Plus on November 5th 2023
Catlin Avison - Bred Cows

+/- 35 Bred Cows

  • 20hd (300 numbers) Bred to Black Simmental Beechinor Bull turned out July 3
  • 14 hd Bred to Red Simmental Bull turned out May 23rd 
  • 1 Pair
  • Herd Dispersal due to feed shortage 


Alex Hoy - Bred Cows

+/- 40 Bred Cows 

  • 35 Simmental Cows bred to Red Simmental bull. Calving February 10th
    • 4-6 years old
  • 6 Speckle Park bred to Black Angus bull. Calving in May 
    • 3 heifers, 3 younger cows)

All cows are on full herd health including Ivomec, Scourguard, Bovasheild. And weaned 650lb calves off this fall.




Vincent Maltais- COMPLETE Herd Dispersal

Vince Maltais- COMPLETE Herd Dispersal

  • 8 first calf heifers bred to an easy calving balancer bull (he is also at the sale)
  • 14 2nd calvers, 7 third calvers- bred to a red simmental bull
  • home raised
  • full herd health including Ivomec, heifers have had scourbos
  • bulls turned out June 1
  • Balancer Bull (heifer bull) 2 years old


  • Cows are all bred to simmenal bull in first picture
  • heifers are bred to balancer bull (last 2 pictures)
  • balancer bull is selling on December 2 with the herd dispersal. He is 2 years old, and is a good heifer bull.
Darcy Kublik- Bred Cows

25 Charolais Cows

  • bred to charolais bulls
  • due to caalve January/ February
Lyle and Cindy Miller - Bred Cows and Heifers

+/- 40 Bred Cows and Heifers 

  • HERD DISPERSAL due to health reasons and feed shortage
  • 9 Bred heifers bred to Blonde Aquitaine Bull calving March 1st
  • Cows bred to simmental bulls to calve March 15th. (Yellow Rose Simmental Registered Bulls) 
  • 3 year old simmental bull sells
  • Herd is on full head health with up to date vaccinations including scour guard and ivermectin
  • Majority of herd is home raised with no brands

Bull Picture

Tanner Aslin - Bred Cows

+/- 80 Home Raised Ranch Cows and Heifers

  • Hfrs AI for Jan 20 calving to Simmemntal bulls. Bulls have been used for 3 years. A simmental and red angus bull was used for heifers that didnt catch . 
  • Heifers will all calve within 25 days.
  • Cows bred for Feb 10 calving
  • Bred to simmental for 90 days
  • All had triangle 10, 8way first shot guardian for scours. All have been ivomeced.
  • Bulls bought from Porter, Lewis, Century Simmmentals, Zaft


Highvale Farms -80 Bred Cows

80 bred cows HERD REDUCTION

  • 2 Charolais bulls were turned out with them on June 8th
  • 1 Gelbvieh bull was turned out on June 12th. 
  • Additionally, a second Gelbvieh bull joined about July 15th when the heifers were mixed with the herd
  • Vaccinations:  Only vaccinated with Tasvax as calves and then every spring for scours.  We don't vaccinate for things which aren't a problem.
Bernie Green- Bred Heifers

Red Bred Heifers

  • 6 red bred heifers
  • average weight was 1150 lbs on November 21
  • mothers are gelbvieh red angus cross, bred to angus bull to give the resulting heifers
  • the heifers were then bred to a quantoc purebred black angus bull turned out July 1 2023 and pulled Sept 1 2023 preg chaecked Oct 3
  • vaccinated with cattlemaster and vision 8 on Oct 3 2023
  • pail fed and very quiet
  • all from one herd 

Black Bred Heifers

  • 10 black angus cross bred heifers

  • average weight November 21 2023 was 1250 lbs

  • mothers were black angus cross, bred to black angus bull  from 1 herd

  • resulting heifers is this group and have been bred to purebred black angus quantoc bull

  • vaccinated with cattlemaster and vision 8 Oct. 3 2023

  • preg checked Oct. 3 2023

  • bull introduced July 1 2023 and pulled Sept. 1 2023