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Bred Cows & Heifer Sale- November 25

12:00 pm

Crown Medal Farms - Bred Cows

+/- 75 Bred Cows


A mix of Black and Red cows 

  • Bred to Horned Hereford Bulls
  • Bulls out for April 1st Calving and pulled Aug 26th


Randy Birkholz - Breeding Bull

Breeding Bull

  • 5 yr old  Simmental X Black Angus
  • used him too long to be able to keep utilizing him with his heifers that we've retained, so he's looking for new chicks.
  • 88lb BW, 675lb WW, 1276lb YW.
  • Heifer calves are 65 to 75 lbs. Bull calves are 70-100 lbs . Haven't pulled any calves out of cows that he has bred. Not heifer safe due to his size. He is very quiet, and very easy to handle. Follows the chop where ever you go.
  • Bull is structurally sound, good feet and capable of breeding cows naturally.

Breeding Bull

  • 2 yr old  Simmental X Black Angus
  • 97 BW, 805 WW
  • He is very quiet, and very easy to handle.
Chad Lalonde- Bred Cows

9 bred Cows & 1 Breeding bull


More info to come

Joanne Knoppers- Bred Cows
  • +/- 28 black angus cross
  • Bred to purebred angus bull 
  • Due to calve Febuary- March
  • Yearly vaccination program incl scourguard
Mission Farms - Bred Cows

Red and Tan Cows

  • Red cows bred to Black Gelbvieh Bulls
  • Tan cows bred to Charolais Bulls
  • Start Calving in February
Sunset Farms - Bred Heifers and Cows

+/- 14 Bred Heifers

+/- 4 Cows


  • Heifers bred to Red Angus Bulls calving end of February
  • Charolais Cross cows bred to Charolais or Simmental Bulls for February Calving
Alan Thompson - Bred Heifers

+/- 90 Bred Heifers


  • Top quality ranch raised Simmental Cross heifers
  • this it the top end of 450 head
  • Heifers are bred to low birth weight Simmental heifer bulls from Lazy S, MJT and Chittick Family
  • Complete Herd Health program
  • Bulls out May 9 - June 20   (Calving Feb 15- March 31)


Jeffery Torkelson- COMPLETE Herd Dispersal

Jeffery Torkelson- Complete Herd Dispersal- 22 Bred Cows

  • prominent breed is angus but have been breeding them to simmental bulls mostly so there is traces of simmental in them.
  • They are easy calvers, never had any calving issues with them they have always calved on their own completely unassisted.
  • They get ivomec spring and fall before they go out to pasture and when they get home. They are a very calm herd and easy to work.
  • This year they have been bred to a black simmental bull with a 61 lbs birth weight that I put out on July 16 and pulled him when they came home from pasture the first of November.
  • they are due to start calving very end of April.
  • calves in November and usually average 500-600lbs per calf.
1294455 Alberta Ltd - Bred Cows

+/- 20 Cows

4J Cattle Ranch- Bred Heifers

4J Cattle Ranch

  • 4 home raised, black angus and black angus x simm heifers.
  • January born heifers bred to low birth weight Registered black angus bull for mid Jan- Feb calving.
  • Full herd health program, up to date vaccinations including Bovilis Guardian scour vaccine as well as clean up 2 and Safeguard.

more pictures

Nathan Johnson- Bred Cows
  •  +/- 11 black angus cross cows
  • exposed to black angus bull
  • calving April/ May
Ian Robertson- Bred Cow Dispersal

Ian Robertson- Bred Cow dispersal 

  • +/- 18 simmental angus cross cows
  • This will be their 6 calving season
  • Bred to  black simmental bull
  • Bull exposed  5 June till 1 Sept
  • All cows got bovishield gold + 8 way in summer