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Bred Cow & Heifer Sale- November 11, 2023

12:00 pm

Ken & Jody Doerksen - Bred Cows

+/- 13 black cows 

  • bred to red simmental
  • 3-8 calvers
  • bull out July 20 2023
John Townsend - Bred cows
  • +/- 25 Simmental/Red angus X cows
  • +/- 10 young cows 3 - 5 years old

  • +/- 15 are 6 - 10 years old.

  • All are bred to good performance, moderate birth weight, purebred, Simmental or Red angus bulls.

  • Calving April / May.

  • Bulls were put in on June 25 and pulled out Sept 2.

Hubert Ferguson- FULL HERD DISPERSAL Bred Cows

Hubert Ferguson-Bred Cows and 1 Breeding Bull 

  • 18 Hereford/Black Angus Bred cows
  • bred to Hereford bull
  • Bull was turned out in May to start calving the last week of February
  • mostly 2nd & 3rd calvers
  • Hereford bull- born March 25, 2019
Reg Minchau - Bred Cow

Reg Minchau-Bred Cow

  • 1 bred cow
  • bred to Simmental bulls
  • younger cows
Tyler and Kathie Jo Hoffarth- Complete Herd Dispersal Bred Cows

Tyler and Kathie Jo Hoffarth- 40+/- Bred Cows COMPLETE Herd Dispersal

  • full blood Simmental cows
  • bull turned out June 5
  • IBR, 8way, bovishield gold
  • good mothers, lots of milk 
Craig and Cari-Ann Nickel - Dispersal Bred Cows

Craig and Cari-Ann Nickel- Bred Cows Dispersal Sale

  • 60 +/- Bred Cows
  • All Homeraised
  • Simmental Cows bred to Simmental bulls 
  • bulls were out April 18 to July 17
  • 7 first calvers (bred Hereford)
  • 10 second calvers
  • 30 third to fifth calvers
  • 13 sixth calvers +
  • full herd health

Pictures of bulls that the cows are all bred to.

Chad and Rebecca Tvait- Bred cow

Chad and Rebecca Tvait- Herd Reduction

  • 30 Purebred Red Angus and a few blacks, mix of registered and commercial
  • Heifers through to 5th calvers. Calves weaned Sept 17 at 5-6 months, average weight steers 553 lbs, heifers 473 lbs.
  • March/April calving.
  • Bulls out May 26 and pulled Aug 10.  Bred to Registered red Angus bull, Simmental bull or Shorthorn bull
  • Full herd health program – Triangle 10, Vision 8 with Somnus, and Ivermec in the spring, Boss in the fall
  • Quite home raised herd

Viewing available at the farm near Wizard Lake prior to sale day.  Call Rebecca 780-983-6458

Troy Flad- 30+/- Bred Cows

30 +/- Bred Cows

  • been on 12-14lbs barley since mid September
  • 2- 2nd calvers
  • 3- 3rd calvers
  • 4- 4th calvers
  • rest are middle age cows in great shape
  • Bred Simmental (bull is here for sale too- 3 year old red Simmental)
Chris Hynds - Bred Cows

+/- 34 Bred Cows

 Full Herd Dispersal

  • 8 Commerical Herefords
  • 11 Simmental Red Angus
  • 15 Charolais / Simmental Cross 
  • 7 second calvers, 6 third calvers
  • Main herd are bred to charolais bull
  • 4 heifers are bred to 79lb Birthweight Red Angus Bull
  • Start calving Feb 15th
Brett & Traci Wildman- 7 Bred Cows

Wildman Livestock- 7 Bred Cows

  • Red Angus cows
  • full vaccination program including scour boss
  • 3 two year olds, 1 three year old and 3 aged cows
  • All cows are Purebred Red Angus selling with no registration papers transfered
  • all bred Red Angus- Red Wildman Karl 709w (service sire pictured below)

More pictures

Millar Farms- Bred Cows & Heifers

Millar Farms- Bred Cows & Heifers

  • 13 coming with their second calf- Bred Simmental
  • 3 bred heifers- Bred Red Angus
  • Bulls turned out July 5
Samantha Davis- Bred Cows

Samantha Davis- Bred Cows

  • Middle age bred cows
  • Full herd health 
  • One Holstein bred cow
  • Bred to Saler bulls
  • bulls were turned out April 25 and pulled August 1

Bulls they are bred to 

Chantelle Lalonde - Bred Cows and Heifers


4 Bred Heifers (born 2022)

4 Bred 2nd Calvers (born 2021)

2 Bred 3rd Calvers (born 2020)

2 Bred 4th Calvers (born 2019)

2 Bred 5th Calvers (born 2018)

4 Bred 6/7 Calvers (born 2017/2016)

8 Bred 8+ Calvers (born 2015 & before)


16 oldest cows are bred to Black Simmental Bull - Younger 10 are his daughters - they are bred Simmental/Angus


All vaccines up to date, Covexin and Virasheild.


Starting to calve April 6 (June 29th let out)


They are all quite, easy calving cows, that require little to no assistance.  They all have great utters and good feet.



Seanna and Jared Melnikel - Bred Cows

+/- 13 Bred Cows


"Herd dispersal, excellent genetics resulting from years of proper herd management. Full herd health program. Red Angus Cows bred to a purebred Red Angus Bull. Easy calving cows, great temperament, good mothers but still very easy to work with after calving. Ages range from F to J years. There are seven (7) F year cows, Four(4) H year cows and two (2) J year cows. Very tight 20 day calving season based on ultrasound preg check. Estimated between May 15th to June 4th calving."


Mission Farms - Bred Cows

+/- 45 Bred Cows

  • Black Exotic Cross Cows
  • 2nd-6th Calvers 
  • Start calving end of feb
  • Bred to Black Simmental and Black Gelbvieh Bulls
Sarah Leng - Bred Cows


The first two cows are purebred black Simmental cows. 


- TSF 15E. 

- GRT 257F


Pasture exposed to a Purebred Registered Black Simmental bull and a 50% registered Black Simmental Bull. 

Third cow is a commercial 2nd calver. Pasture exposed to a Purebred Registered Black simmental bull.

All 3 have been given their first shot of Scour Bos 4, and a dose of Bovimectin. Easy to work with, productive cattle.





Walt Cool- Bred Cows

Walt Cool- 20 Bred Saler Cows

  • Saler Middle aged bred cows 
  • Calves weaned off 2 weeks ago
  • full herd health 
  • bull turned out June 25, and pulled middle of September 
  • Red Saler bulls

Bulls they are bred to 

Travis Henderson- 35+/- Bred Heifers

Travis Henderson: 35 +/-Hereford bred heifers

  • Exposed -April 23–June 5th
  • bred to low birth weight black angus bull
  • All home raised and quiet
  • Full herd health program
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