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Bred Cow & Heifer Sale- January 28

12:00 pm

Nellis Madsen- Bred Cows

Nellis Madsen - Bred Cows


  • +/- 55 Cows
  • Bred to Black Simmental Bulls
  • Bulls out June 1st pulled July 15 
  • Calving March 10th
  • Cows are on full herd health including ivomec and cattlemaster

Bull Image

Bud Coates - Bred Cows

+/- 25  Bred Cows

  • Bulls out June 6th
  • Cows are on full herd health
  • Range in age from 2nd calvers to mature cows

Bull Pictures Attached

Bull Pictures

Ben Herman- Bred Heifers

15 Bred heifers 3 blacks and 12 red

  • average 1190lbs
  • full herd health all are vaccinated with 8 way
  • bulls went in June 10 for 75 days, bred to easy calving red angus bulls
  • preg checked January 16 by Bluffton Vet
  • first scourbos 9 and Ivermec done previously and just given the second dose of scourbos 9 on January 16
Frank Gruber-Bred Cows

15 +/- Bred Cows

  • Good production Simmental/Angus cross bred cows.
  • Start calving March 1,2023.
  • Full herd health
Arno and Doreen Deutschendorf- Complete Herd Dispersal

55+/- Bred Cows

  • Complete herd dispersal- selling due to health issues
  • Bred Charolais
  • Bulls turned out June 15
  • Full herd health

More pictures

Rob Binks- Bred Heifers

20+/- Bred Red Angus/Simmental cross heifers. Start calving May 1 for 45 day calving window. Bred to low birthweight Black or Red Angus bulls. Cattle master 5, Ultrabac 7 and got their booster. Nice quiet heifers and have been out bale grazing with the cows.

More Pictures of heifers

Klaus Kronschnabl- 15+/- Bred Cows

15+/- Bred Cows

  • Bulls turnedd out July 2
  • Cows are on full herd health
  • Range in age from 2nd calvers to mature cows