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Bred Cow & Heifer Sale- December 3

12:00 pm

Shannon & Levi Harden - Complete Dispersal

+/- 250 Head of Reputation Bred Cows and Heifers 


  • 70 - 3rd Calvers
  • 40 - 2nd Calvers
  • 70 - Heifers
  • 60 - 4th and older

Exotic Cross Herd of Reputation Bred Cows including Red and Red Baldies as well as Black and Black Baldies


Early Calving Heifers and Cows




  • Bulls turned out Apr 15 for end of January Calving
  • HOME raised
  • Red Angus and Simmental Proven Heifer Bulls
  • Full Herd Health


  • Bred to Porter Simmental Bulls
  • Bull turned out April 30 for Early Feb Calving
  • 3rd calvers originate from Sodgerglen Ranching 
  • Full Herd Health

Breeding Bulls


  • more info to come
MacDougall Bred Heifers
  • Approx 100 head of nice bred heifers.
  • Bulls were turned out on June 4th.  Mid March Calving
  • Red angus were purchased from Mitchell cattle co and Heart of the Valley Angus, and the blacks were purchased from Marberly Angus.
  • Extremely fancy heifers weighing 1100-1300 lbs

more heifer pictures

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Anchor S - Bred Heifers

100 simmental cross heifers

Bulls turned out April 12 and pulled May 28

Bred to low birth weight red angus bulls

C-S-T-A Ranch Ltd

+/- 40 Bred Cows


Black Angus Cows bred to Black Angus Bulls


Todd Beitel - Complete Dispersal

+/- 110 Head of Simmental Red Angus Cross Dispersal Cows


  • Calving in February
  • Cows bred to Simmental Bulls
  • Younger ones bred to Red Angus
Trevor and Geraldine Milne - Complete Dispersal

Complete Herd Dispersal for Trevor and Geraldine Milne

  • +/- 50 Head
  • Red Angus Simmental Cross Cows
  • Full Herd Health 
  • Second to 6th calvers
  • On the Scour Guard Program
  • Bulls turned out July 15 - Sept 19