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Bred Cow & Heifer Sale - December 18

12:00 pm

Anchor S Cattle- Bred Heifers

+/- 25 Bred Heifers

  • Heifers have all been palpated for breeding soundness prior to being bred.
  • They have been on straight hay after coming off grass.
  • Free choice Riomax lick tubs
  • Heifers are bred to RJK Angus easy calving heifer bulls. Bulls were turned out April 27 and pulled June 30.
  • Vaccinations- Fall:Pyramind 5 w/ presponse, 8-way w/ somnus, Draxxin
  • Vaccinations -Spring:Vision 8-way, Express 5 (BVD), Ivomec


B & R Hok- Bred Cows

50 +/- young bred cows.

  • Mostly red and a few tans.
  • Young Young coming with their second or third calf.
  • Bred to Charolais bulls for April calving.
  • Full herd health. Nice young quiet set of cows.  
Harvey And Gloria Stephenson- Complete Herd Dispersal

Complete herd dispersal of 50+/- bred cows & heifers

  • Black and BWF, 1st to 5th calvers.
  • Heifers are bred black angus and
  • Cows are bred black angus and Hereford.
  • Bulls were turned out July 1 to start calving April 9.
Wilson Country Acres- Bred Heifers

+/- 44 Tan heifers

+/- 23 Red heifers

  • All were pasture raised and now on silage
  • Bred to light weight red angus bulls to start calving March 3, 2022.
  • Vaccinated with ivomec, essential 1, covexin, and bovishield.
Troy Penner - Bred Heifers
  • 59 Black Simmental/Angus heifers.
  • All black heifers weighing 900-1000lbs. All from 1 herd.
  • Bulls were turned out July 7 for 75 day calving period. Bred to low birthweight red angus bulls.
  • Have had ivomec, 8way, 5way.
  • Only reason for selling these heifers is due to feed shortage and high cost of feed. They were meant to be kept and put into the herd as replacements but due to drought plans had to be changed. 
Barry Lyons - Bred Heifers

+/- 28 Bred Heifers

  • Bred Red Angus
  • Start Calving last week of March
  • Red Cross and Black Cross Heifers

More Pictures of the bred heifers

Martin Family Farms - Bred Cows

-/+ 34 Bred Red and Black Cows

  • Dispersal of all cows. Anything wild, old or bad bags has been sorted and sold.
  • Bred Simmental or Charolais
  • Bulls in May 5th - July 21st 
  • Calving Feb. 11 - April 15
  • These cows were on shares with a customer the last few years and due to feed shortage are unfortunately being sold
CANCELED DUE TO COLD Jerome Braun- Bred Heifers

15+/- Speckle park, shorthorn, angus cross heifers. Bred to start calving March 1. Bred to shorthorn and speckle park bulls. Bulls were pulled in September.

Harvey and Gail Nordstrom - Bred Cows

+/- 42 Black Angus Cows

  • Black Angus Cows
  • Bred to Red Angus Bulls
  • Start calving May 10