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Bred Cow & Heifer Sale - December 4

12:00 pm

Greg Loose- Bred Heifers

+/- 30 Bred Heifers

  • All heifers were born in April 2020.
  • Vaccines were given spring and fall 2020. 
  • Bulls were turned out June 14 for April 1 calving start
  • Nov 7 heifers recieved Triangle 10, 8 Way and Ivomec

Bulls that the heifers are bred to.

OLE 97 Ranch - Pairs

25 Cow/calf pairs.

  • Cows are open, and not exposed back to a bull.
  • Full herd health, calves have had all their shots and are also on a full herd health program.
Josh and Mackenzie Harden - Bred Heifers

+/- 28 Bred Heifers

  • Black brockle angus/simmental cross heifers bred to easy calving bulls.
  • 2 year old red angus bull with low birthweight of 80 pounds and yearling black angus bull with low birthweight of 75 pounds.
  • Bulls turned out may 14th to start calving feb 20 and bulls pulled July 22 to make calving no later than April 30.
  • Bred heifers will weigh between 1000-1200 pounds, majority of heifers should calve late February early March.
Akins- Complete Herd Dispersal

Complete herd dispersal for the late Larry Akins, and Patricia Akins.

177 black angus cows
12 black angus herd bulls
Bulls went out July 3. Expect majority to calve  April/May, some in June.
All home raised cows, about 30 heifers added each year to replace culls and grow herd.  Started tagging with letter tags about 6 years ago (C - G tags visible). Youngest animals will have their second calf in the spring. 100-125 will be six years old and younger.
Ivomec last done in the spring. 8-way and IBR in the fall. All cattle are on the scourguard program.


**When selling the cattle we are also offering one year pasture lease to start. Rate can be probably $1-$1.10/day/unit, all maintenance and cattle checking done by the buyer. Approximately 3 1/2 quarters available.**


Any questions about the pasture contract or cattle please contact Mack Vars 780-940-2899

Bull papers for Akins dispersal

Bull papers continued

More Bulls continued

Last of the bulls

Corey and Lorena Sekura - Bred Cows

+/- 15 Cows

Bred Red Angus or Simmental

Start Calving Jan 1

Full Vaccination Program including scour guard

Given scour booster Nov 9 2021

Estate of Julian and Evelyn Prenioslo - Bred Cows and Pairs

+/- 50 Bred Cows

  • Bred Simmental

+/- 17 Pairs

  • Calves range in age from aug-oct
  • Cows are running with a bull and will be preg checked 

More pictures

Cody Nahirniak - Bred Heifers
  • 20 blacks, 1 black baldy, 1 red baldy and 1 red.
  • Bred to Red Angus bulls with 80 lb birthweights.
  • Exposed to bulls for 60 days starting June 20th.
  • Vaccinated in May with ViraShield 6+ VL5HP and Fermicon 7/Somnugen.
  • Ivermectin in May and October.
  • Quiet heifers with good confirmation.
  • They will come to a pail when called and they are trained to electric fence.
Darrell Gotaas- Bred Cows

+/- 15 Bred Young Cows

Three of the cows are due Jan/Feb. 

The rest are Bred Shorthorn due Apr/May (short exposure). Winston's embryos went in and

the cows were then exposed to the Shorthorn and watched.

DB Farms - Bred Cows

+/- 15 Bred Cows

  • Red and Black Cows
  • Bred to Black Simmental Bulls
  • Scourguard Booster Complete
  • Full Herd Health 
  • Calving Early Early January