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Bred Cow & Heifer Sale November 6

12:00 pm

Lee Nail-75 Bred Cows

75 Black and Red 4-10 year old cows bred to Red Angus Bulls. Start calving March 15.

Wooden Shoe Farms - Bred Heifers

22 Simmental / Red Angus Heifers

  • Bred to Calve in Feb/March
  • Bred To Red Anugs Bull
  • Approx 1000-1100 lbs


Avos Farms- 60 Bred Heifers

60 Black, Red and Tan Heifers.

  • Heifers are bred to Black Angus bulls from Hamilton Farms and Brandl Cattle co. They are guaranteed easy calving  bulls, and vigorous calves come from these bulls. Bull birthweights are 74lbs and 72 lbs.
  • Heifers will to start calving April 10.
  • Full herd health, Vision live virus, covexin 8 and long range. 
  • These heifers are from local reputable ranches and were raised to be replacements.

Greg Tylke - Bred Cows

+/- 45 Bred Cows

  • Bred to Mac Creech Simmental/Angus BW 85-90lbs
  • Full Herd Health 
  • Cows range in age from E to middle aged
  • Start calving end of February
Hansen Ranches - Bred Cows

+/- 45 Black and Red Cows

  • Bred to Red and Black Simmental Bulls
  • Bull out mid April EARLY Calvers
Belle Vista Farms - Bred Heifers

+/- 21 White and Tan Heifers

  • Bred to Easy Calving Red Angus Bulls 
  • Bull turned out for 70 days May 5. Will start calving Feb 11
  • Quiet, easy fleshing heifers. No grain, just pasture fed
  • Full Herd Health
Mike Lachance - Bred Cows

+/- 24 Cows

  • All bred Charolais or Simmental
  • Due to calve between March 10 -May 20

10 Second Calving Red and Black Angus Cross Cows

4 Third Calving Black Angus Cows

10 Middle Aged Red and Black Angus Cows



Tundra Oilfield Services - Bred Heifers

+/- 10 Tan Bred Heifers

  • Bred to proven Red Angus Heifer Bull
  • Full Herd Health 
David & Sharon Kimble-34 Heifers and 19 Cows

34 Tan and red Heifers bred to Angus or Hereford bulls. Bulls turned out July 13 and pulled September 10. These heifers were born and raised on the farm and were the top end of 100 picked to sell. Full herd health.

19 Tan and Red Cows bred to charolais bulls. Bulls turned out July 13 and pulled the middle of September. Full herd health as well.