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Bred Cow and Heifer Sale March 20 2021

12:00 pm

New Born Wonders-Complete Herd Dispersal

Complete Herd Dispersal for New Born Wonders Ranch(Lorne Miller)

Featuring over 200 Bred cows and 20 Bred Heifers

Cows and Heifers are a mix of Black and Red and angus influenced

  •       Bulls turned out for May 1st calving.
  •       Heifers are bred Shorthorn
  •       Cows are bred Angus or Simmental


The majority of these cows are 5 years or younger.

more pictures of new born wonders cows

Hansen Ranches - Replacement Heifers

50 Replacement Heifers

Full Herd Health 

+/- 15 Black Heifers

+/- 15 BBF/BWF Heifers

+/- 20 Red and Red Blaze Heifers



Steuber Farms -- Replacement Heifers

150 Black and Red Replacement Heifers


Lunde- Breeding Bull

4 year old registered Hereford bull. More info to come

Gary Yost - Breeding Bulls

2 Red Angus 3 Year Old Breeding Bulls


*will be semen checked prior to sale 

Roger Gauthier - Bred Cows

22 Bred Cows

Bred Red Angus

Calving in May

Clinton Erickson - Replacement Heifers

12 open speckle park heifers born May 2020 ready for breeding this summer. They have been weaned and fed Barley silage since November. Their estimated weight is between 550-600 lbs out of moderate frame cows mature weight 1000-1200lbs. We select for fertility, calving ease, and feed efficiency these heifers will make exceptional ranch cows. Full herd health.

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Sale order

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