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4M Cattle Company Kevin Marcinek -40 Bred Heifers

-/+ 40 Bred Heifers

Reputation homeraised one iron Fleckvieh Simmental and Simmental/Angus hfrs. Bred Black Angus

We have been raising these cattle for 25 years using easy fleshing performance bulls with sound feet. Cows are moderate framed, hard working good milking mamas that produce 60% of there body weight . Feed conversion has been a priority over the years making an efficient cowherd that earns their keep. Thickness is bred in not fed in! For the first calf we use 78 lb proven black angus bulls. This is a excellent cross giving calf vigor. Very quiet and easy to work with.

Bred for JAN FEB 60 day calving then bulls were pulled. Heifers will be 12-1300 lbs, full herd health express verified with vision 8 and BOTH scour guard shots completed.

For more info phone Kevin 403-896-7559


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Dwayne Patterson - Bred Cows

Select group of approximately 40 Simmental Cross Bred cows.

Exposed from April 15 to July 5 to simmental bulls from Virginia Ranch and JNR Farms.

Dwayne Patterson - Bred Heifers

+/- 50 Simmental Cross Bred Heifers.

  • Bred to easy calving Soderglen and Heart Valley Angus Red Angus Bulls and were exposed from April 15 to July 5. Start Calving January 22
  • Full herd health program including Bovimectin, Express verified and have had 1st Scour Boss shot.
  • These heifers are out of a 550 head winter calving cow herd, we prioritize moderate sized easy keeping cows that will raise big calves.
  • Pictures are of the heifers just taken off fall pasture Nov. 15.


Dwayne 780-814-4222

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Aaron and Tara Mueller - 60 Bred Cows

+/- 60 Home Raised Bred Cows

All cows are extremely quiet and pail fed, home raised and easy to handle

Simmental/Angus Cross Black and BBF and Red and RBF as well as some Simmental/Shorthorn Cross and Blue roan cows.

Start Calving Jan 25, Bred to Black Simmental Bulls (Lewis Farms and Porter Ranches BW 95-105 lbs)

Full Herd Health. Express 5, Vision 9, Scour Bos 9 and pinkeye and boostered every year.


Most cows range in age from 4-6 years old.

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D & C Crow Holdings- 10 Bred Heifers

D & C Crow Holdings- 10 Bred Heifers,

45 day calving window. January 15- February 28 calving.

Full herd health protocol.

10 tan


tan heifers

DanCor Ltd.- 70 Bred Cows

DanCor Ltd. 70 Bred Cows

Charolais cows all bred back to Charolais and Red Angus bulls to start calving April 1. Cows are on a full herd health program.

K Lazy H Ranch- Rimbey, AB 52 Bred Cows

52 Bred Cows

22- 2nd Calvers, black cows

30 black/red 3rd/4th calvers

Bred Black Angus calving March-April

Full herd health

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Scarlett Livestock Ltd -60 Bred Cows

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+|- 60, 2-5 year old black cows bred black angus for January / February calving

Full herd health program including scour boss 9 and ivomec 

Hoff Ranches-25 Bred Heifers

25 Home raised black angus BRED HEIFERS. Preg checked on Nov 10, start calving May1. Bulls turned out July 24 and pulled Sept 25, bred to low BW purebred black angus heifer bulls from Chittick’s. Very quiet group.
Vaccinated with Express FP5, Covexin plus, Bovilis Guardian, ivermec and LongRange in spring.

Gary and Tanner Seutter - 35 Bred Heifers

Excellent Quality large framed heifers, Ready to go to Work

Bred to Redneck Hereford Bull with 81lb BW

Bulls turned out Jun 15- Aug 15

Full Herd Health including 5way, 8way, Ivomec

They have had their first shot of scourbos


RiverView Farm- Bred Heifers

Bulls turned in for 50 days turned out June 12. Start calving March 21


Bred to Lonestar Black Angus Bulls and Skywest Salers. Low BW


Vaccinates with pyramid 5, vision 8 in fall and again in June 2020.

R5 Custom Farming- 11 Bred Cows

R5 Custom Farming- 11 Bred Cows

They have had Tasvax 8, Scour bos, virashield 6 and solvent on November 30.

Bulls were turned out June 10

Huegler Ranches

40+/- bred cows, 

All bred simmental to start calving mid April.