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Bud Coates - Bred Heifers and Cows

Herd Reduction for Bud Coates of Valleyview


-19 Home Raised Heifers 

Bred to Speckle Park (76lb BW) or Red Angus Bull (70lb BW)

Full Herd Health and had ivomec in November

-7 Cows (2-5th Calvers)

Bred to Simmental Bull

Full Herd Health and had ivomec in November


Start Calving April 20th

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Terry Wheale - 30 Bred Heifers

Out of Charolais, Simmental and Angus Cross Cows.

Have sold the bulk of the cow herd and is retiring.

Bulls turned out June 15 for March 24 ish calving

Bred back to easy calving Black Angus Bulls

Previous years heifers havent had to pull any calves. They have had calves weigh up to 795 lbs

They have had 8 Way and Ivomec


Noel Tomm - 30 Bred Cows

30 Mixed cows bred Angus or Hereford

Calving March and April

2 Cows are speckle park and are bred back to speckle park bulls

Steven Dunz - Complete Dispersal

Complete Dispersal of 25 Cows

  • Bred to RWF Simmental Bull
  • Calving in April / May 
  • Approx 10 of the second calvers


Rod Lohr - Bred Cows

25 Mixed Angus Cows Bred to Angus Bulls calving in April in May

DRR ANGUS - Bred Cows

+/- 20 Black Angus Cows (These are registered cows being sold without papers)

Bred Black Angus. Bulls turned out July 10 for April 18 calving. Some of these cows have been AI'd to top sires. Exposure bulls are high quality.

Calve them out and you might find your next herd sire in the calves! Cows are quiet and easy to work with.

Jake Drozda - 40 Bred Cows

40 Mixed Charolais / Gelbvieh Crossed Middle Aged Cows


Bred to Gelbvieh Bulls to Calve March 15

Home Raised

Anchor 1 Angus - Bred Cows

20 Bred Red Angus Cows

Calving in March

On the scourguard program

Bred to Red Angus Bulls

Ken Tritten - Bred Cows

25 Red and Rwf Angus Cows bred to Red Angus Bulls 

Calving in March and April


Towaw Cattle Co Ltd

Bred Simmental