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Murray McClennigan - Bred Heifers

32 Bred Simmental Cross Heifers 

Bred to Red Angus bull start calving April 20th

Full Herd Health

Teepee Creek Cattle Co - Bred Cows

Black and Black Baldie Simmental Cows 3-5 Years old

Bred to Purebred Simmental Bulls including MR Broker, LFE Stubby and JDF Wallbanger

Calving April 1st, Full Herd Health 

Moderate to large framed cows, never trimmed a cow in 9 years. Horse Broke and used to hot wire rotational grazing. Disposition was a key factor in keeping back heifers. 

Tony and Deanna had sold the majority of their herd this fall keeping back 40 of the best for themselves.

After careful consideration they have decided to disperse them instead. 


*Pics coming asap*

Dwayne Magnowski - Bred Heifers

37 Home Raised Bred Heifers and 1 pair

Bull turned out June 1st Calving First week of March.

Bred to Red Angus Bulls 

Andy Scherrer- Bred Cows & Heifers

40 Bred Cows, all second and third calvers, bred back to red and black easy calving Angus bulls to start calving in April

90 Bred Heifers, all calving in April and May and bred back to easy calving red and black Angus bulls.

Loren Krukowski - Bred Cows
Geraldine Milne- Bred Heifers

Geraldine Milne- 17 black heifers bred to Towaw heifer bulls.  Calving April 1. Exposed 66 days. Ivomec, Vira-shield, scour bos, 8 way.

Jamie Musser- Bred Heifers

40 Bred Heifers

Bred to Gelbvieh Bulls

Bulls out May 15 Calving Feb 20. 60 Day Breeding Window

Jeremy Komives- Bred Cows

25 black and BWF bred cows. All bred black Angus for mid March calving.

Noble House Enterprises- Bred Cows

60 Bred cows

Cows are bred back to Red Angus or Red Simmental Bulls  

Calving April 1st

Have had scourguard and triangle 10


Van Aken Farms- Bred Cows

35Bred Black Cross Cows

Cows are 2nd and 3rd calvers. All cows are bred back to Charolais and Black Simmental bulls and due to start calving mid April.  

Darren Andrew- Bred Cows

Darren Andrew- Eckville, AB

25 Black and Red mixed cows. Bred to black angus/Hereford bulls. Due to start calving February 10. Full herd health: boss, scourboss, Ivomec, IBR.

Herd reduction due to losing pasture.

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